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Bergen County & North Jersey

final na talaga Tree damage

Most tree damages can be prevented if detected early. Look out for the signs of dead or dying trees and limbs or fallen branches, and contact Autumn Tree Service of Emerson, NJ to prevent tree damage during storms or heavy wind.

Trees growing near buildings and roofs can cause serious damage, cavities, and decay. Prevent sickening your trees by having them planted with us.

Sick Tree Prevention Tips

  • Termites

  • Insects

  • Fungi

  • Decay

If you notice a significant amount of leaves and branches falling from your tree all year around, give us a call today! Heal your sick tree from cracks, splits, root damage, and unusually swollen areas of the trunk before it's too late!

Heal sick trees before it's too late

Watch out for damage from buildings

Monitor bugs and

disease problems

Are your branches and leaves falling for no reason?